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Hello! I'm Tom Terry, Co-Manager of Fire Sprinkler Resources
Although we are a relatively new consulting company on the fire sprinkler scene, we have been in the fire sprinkler
business for over forty years. Starting as a Design Trainee for the
Grinnell Company in NE Ohio, I progressed to
a Senior Engineering Technician working mostly on "standard" wet, dry, pre-action and deluge type, water-based,
sprinkler systems in commercial occupancies like hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices, storage warehouses,
and factorys. Water Tanks, Standpipes and Fire Pumps included... Grinnell Co. was eventually purchased by Tyco
and I moved into Sales for
Grinnell Fire Protection Systems Co., Inc. in 1976. (GFPS is now SimplexGrinnell.)
We can provide assistance on a regular
basis or just help out as needed on an
important project.
On-line, on-site and/or on-location, we
want to help YOU. We provide the best
value in industry relevent training and
education available today. Too small to
be able to justify the cost of a full-time
trainer? How about part-time, or on a
contract basis. Maybe on-line is the
way to go next year...
One of our specialties... Let us help plan
your next event, or we really can do it all
for you. Trade Shows, Promotions, Sales
Incentives, Promotions, Company Picnics
and Get-Togethers,Seminars, Road Trips,
Customer Appreciation events, Small or
Large Presentations, Unit/Team Building,
Parties, Golf Outings, Conventions... even
personal or family Cruises, Air and Land

With twenty years of experience in the
Florida Travel Industry we will put the
professional touch on all of your events!
Just give Yvonne a call...

Technical Training...
Event Planning...
We provide our services to fire professionals and FPCs anywhere in the USA!
Estimating, CAD Design & Layout
Hydraulic Calculations
Surveying & Trade Coordination
Stocklisting & Purchasing
Project Management
O&M Manuals/Record Drawings

Sorry, we don't do physical fabrication,
installation or inspections although we
can help your field crews to understand
the appropriate NFPA rules that may

Back when Viking Fire Protection Co., Inc. had a contracting company, they offered to let me run their Akron,
Ohio branch in 1980 and I accepted. We were doing okay, not terriffic, but we were making budget. Then the
economy got sluggish and we were not playing well with the Sprinkler Fitters Local 120 in Cleveland... During the
late eighties, my annual budget was $500k and Viking could easily double that with the same investment in
Chicago... so they asked me to relocate, but, I had my sights set on sunny Florida. So, Viking shut down their
Pittsburgh, PA and Akron, OH offices and I went to work for one of my old bosses, an ex-Grinnell guy, who started
a shop across town. (cont'd. at "About Us")
Need help on a specific topic, or project?
We can help you configure a training
program that fits...
Being a Fire Sprinkler Contractor YOU
know how important it is to make sure it
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