Because FIRE SPRINKLERS is what we do!
American Automatic Sprinklers, I was
honorably discharged from the USAR in
1976, but I really learned what it meant to be
an army-of-one here. Dick Coustillac gave
me a place to practice estimating, sales and
the full range of design while waitingfor my
daughter to graduate high school before we
headed south, in 1989. We even had a 20' x
40' war room... We did a ton of straight-up
uncomplicated sprinkler work in those
couple of years, it was a hoot!!!
Tom Terry (cont'd.)
but you know sprinkler work and
training... The mission changes depending
on the circumstances and the cash on
hand. So, from 2002 until 2005 I filled in as
the Design Manager in Wiginton's Orlando
Branch Office. In 2005, one of the 1st
trainees hired in our "Design" school took
over those reins and I slipped back into
the Corporate office as the Director of
Technical Training.

In this position I got to work with all of the
Design Teams and even with a lot of the
field people on a company-wide basis as
well as being involved in policy and
procedural planning and implementation on
a corporate level and although Wiginton is
now an ESOP company, until recently
they were the other largest family owned
FPC in Florida...

So after all those years, and all that
industry experience Fire Sprinkler
Resources was born early this year
(January 1, 2010).

(Just our luck that the bottom fell out
of the building market in Florida,
but that's the way the ball bounces in

We offer all of our services on a part
time, full time, temporary,
permanent and/or contract basis.
Give us a call. We will put our
experience to work for you
Team Florida
2009 NFSA Convention
Georgia State Lic. 2006
(Out of date)
We DO it... for YOU!
Finally in Florida, I became the Design
Manager for
Grunau Fire Protection in
theifr Orlando office. High profile hotels,
office buildings, Universal Studios and
Disneyworld work peppered our backlog
until 1993, when Grunau's internal re-
structuring forced me to make a change.
Wiginton Corporation/ Wiginton Fire
Systems, Inc.
, I was hired to help start a
new Corporate Training Department. The
idea was to train new people in design
AND at the same time, to produce any
overflow design work from throughout the
company. We all learned a lot during those
Wayne Automatic Fire Sprinklers,
.was primed for growth when I joined
them. My first major assignment was a
10,000 head rack job in an existing building.
That project went so well I was asked to
manage their Commercial Steel Pipe
Division. Four years later, when I left
WAFS, they were one of the two largest,
family owned, FPCs in Florida.
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